Improving the quality of life of children and families

Enhancing access to adequate food and shelter

Increasing access to health and wellness resources

Hearts for Children Foundation, Inc. (“H4C”) was co-founded by Heather Holding, Mike Crowley and Rick Carder in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the basic ideology for the organization had its roots in the pre-pandemic era, the impact that the crisis had on some of the most vulnerable members of our community – under-served children and their families – has mushroomed into a harsh new realty for this group of citizens. This health crisis created an environment in which the co-founders believed that they could make a significant difference with a new foundation and creative fundraising ideas for the benefit of those in need.
Two of the co-founders have been residents and contributors to the community for many years. In fact during the development of the H4C concept, Heather and Mike recalled some of the interesting fundraising events and celebratory moments that were held in Wake Forest area many years ago. These were designed to benefit the general, as well as specific, population segments of our community. Sadly, these events are no longer exist and the community has lost those types of support opportunities.
The co-founders, and the members of the H4C Board of Directors, sincerely hope that you will find that our vision and mission are worthy of your consideration and support.
For more information about the co-founders and the members of the Board, click here to see more about the organization.